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🔥+ Heartburn Remedies 12 Jul 2020 If you feel a painful, burning sensation in your chest 30 minutes to 2 hours after you eat, you may have gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD). Most people ...

Heartburn Remedies Do you get some acid reflux when you eat cereal biscuits or oats in the morning Heyyy Let me share Clay Arellano 's tips and ways to cure acid reflux.Amazing ...

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I have severe heartburn and severe burning sensation in throat all the day and many other symptoms of gerd [like chest pain during inhaling,bad breath through mouth,feeling of regurgitation,feeling of something present in my throat and also extreme farting (flatulence)].

I went to a gastroenterologist after refered by a doctor(after his pills didnt worked).The gastroenterologist pressed my regions around my stomach.He then suggested an abdominal ultrasound,urine test and some blood tests in which everything were normal.So he told that everything was fine and nothing to worry and didn''nt show any relation between heartburn and abdominal ultrasound.

Please answer my question above which I can state again below:


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    Hi, Imo, doctors and specialists haven''t know. The options were surgery or PPI''t put too much faith in them. I got well again as do many other people, but it is a journey and this site is a great resource of the kind of knowledge that can get you there.


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      Yes,you are right.First of all I did''nt even know the word heartburn).

      2.I was afraid to talk too informally with the doctor by using common language.(like farting,etc).

      3.What I feel is not a particular symptom but a combination of several symptoms with breathing difficulties and heartburn being the most troublesome.

      So,I told doctor that I had pain in my chest and trouble breathing.To add fuel to fire, the specialist did''{}''{}''{}''{}''{}''{}''t very pleasant and I even managed to have it done without sedation.  The stuff they spray in your throat is foul tasting, but it was all over with in about 8 minutes.  I still have to take Omeprazole for the rest of my life as I have a Hiatus Hernia caused by acid reflux, but I am very glad I had the endoscope done it has really put my mind at rest.  I recommend you see your doctor and make it plain you need tohave this procedure.  Good luck with whatever you decide.

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        Yes,endoscopy is what I really need.But first of all I need to convince my next doctor that I am not joking around but I seriously have troubling symptoms.I have written about each and every symptom in brief for doctor to read.
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        Can you please tell which type of endoscopy you went.Along with heartburn I also have severe burning sensation in throat.

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        Heartburn Remedies 14 Home Remedies (⭐️ Best Drinks For) | Heartburn Remedies When To See A Doctorhow to Heartburn Remedies for Right now I dont care even if I need a surgery because the only thing I care is permanent relief from my trouble.

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        I had the usual endoscopy with a scope down the throat!  It was OKish but the anaesthetic they numb the throat with is foul.  I opted for no sedation, I wanted to be awake to know what was going on!  I have a hiatus hernia that can only be dealt with by having an op.  Don''s wrong and boy does it take all of the anxiety and stress wondering what your suffering with away; good luck and please let me know if you have the procedure and how you got on.  I''nt pinpoint my different symptoms which I was feeling to clearly explain to the doctor.

        Heartburn Remedies Home Remedies For (👍 Reflux Disease) | Heartburn Remedies 10 Foods To Eathow to Heartburn Remedies for I have one question:is ur disease GERD or EERD(LPR)?

        I think I may have both.Tomorrow I will know.

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        Hi quertyabc  Good luck today if you have the endoscopy.  I think I suffer GERD and perhaps LPR as well.  I read on line about sore throat and acid reflux and how it affects the voice box.  Not happy reading.  I''t get much relief.  Would love to know if it''m glad I had the endoscopy as I was worrying myself sick about Barrett''{}''{}''{}''{"":""}''{}''{}''{}''{}''s Information Standard.
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