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Heartburn Remedies When To See A Doctor (πŸ”΄ Simples Steps) | Heartburn Remedies Doesn't Helphow to Heartburn Remedies for This is a quiz that contains NCLEX review questions for GERD. As a nurse providing care to a patient with GERD, it is important to know the signs and symptoms, pathophysiology, medications, nursing management, diet education, and complications.

In the previous NCLEX the 1 last update 12 Jul 2020 review series, I explained about other GI disorders you may be asked about on the NCLEX exam, so be sure to check out those reviews and quizzes as well.In the previous NCLEX review series, I explained about other GI disorders you may be asked about on the NCLEX exam, so be sure to check out those reviews and quizzes as well.

Heartburn Remedies Heartburn Symptoms (⭐️ What To Eat) | Heartburn Remedies Herbal Remedieshow to Heartburn Remedies for GERD NCLEX Practice Questions

This quiz will test your knowledge on GERD in preparation for the NCLEX exam.

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GERD NCLEX Questions

1. A patient reports frequent heartburn twice a week for the past 4 months. What other symptoms reported by the patient may indicate the patient has GERD? SELECT-ALL-THAT-APPLY:

A. Bitter taste in mouth

B. Dry cough

C. Melena

D. Difficulty swallowing

E. Smooth, red tongue

F. Murphy’s Sign

Heartburn Remedies Cure Your Acid Reflux (⭐️ Warnings) | Heartburn Remedies 7 Natural GERDhow to Heartburn Remedies for 2. Your patient, who is presenting with signs and symptoms of GERD, is scheduled to have a test that assesses the function of the esophagus’ ability to squeeze food down into the stomach and the closer of the lower esophageal sphincter. The patient asks you, “What is the name of the test I’m having later today?” You tell the patient the name of the test is:

A. Lower Esophageal Gastrointestinal Series

B. Transesophageal the 1 last update 12 Jul 2020 echocardiogramB. Transesophageal echocardiogram

C. Esophageal manometry

D. Esophageal pH monitoring

3. After dinner time, during hourly rounding, a patient awakes to report they feel like “food is coming up” in the back of their throat and that there is a bitter taste in their mouth. What nursing intervention will you perform next?

Heartburn Remedies Treatment Of (πŸ”₯ Heartburn) | Heartburn Remedies Home Remedies Forhow to Heartburn Remedies for A. Perform deep suctioning

B. Assist the patient into the Semi-Fowler’s position

C. Keep the patient NPO

D. Instruct the patient to avoid milk products

4. During a home health visit, you are helping a patient develop a list of foods they should avoid due to GERD. Which items in the patient’s pantry should be avoided? SELECT-ALL-THAT-APPLY:

A. Hot and Spicy Pork Rinds

Heartburn Remedies Tips (πŸ”΄ Causes) | Heartburn Remedies Soothe The Painhow to Heartburn Remedies for B. Peppermint patties

C. Green Beans

D. Tomato Soup

E. Chocolate Fondue

F. Almonds

G. Oranges

5. After providing education to a patient with GERD. You ask the patient to list 4 things they can do to prevent or alleviate signs and symptoms of GERD. Which statement is INCORRECT?

A. “It is best to try to consume small meals throughout the day than eat 3 large ones.”

B. “I’m disappointed that I will have to limit my intake of peppermint and spearmint because I love eating those types of hard candies.”

C. “It is important I avoid eating right before bedtime.”

D. “I will try to lie down after eating a meal to help decrease pressure on the lower esophageal sphincter.”

Heartburn Remedies Diet For (⭐️ 6 Natural Remedies) | Heartburn Remedies Herbshow to Heartburn Remedies for 6. You’re collecting a patient’s medication history that has GERD. Which medication below is NOT for 1 last update 12 Jul 2020 typically used to treat GERD?6. You’re collecting a patient’s medication history that has GERD. Which medication below is NOT typically used to treat GERD?

A. Colesevelam “Welchol”

B. Omeprazole “Prilosec”

C. Metoclopramide “Reglan”

D. Ranitidine the 1 last update 12 Jul 2020 HCL “Zantac”D. Ranitidine HCL “Zantac”

7. A patient is taking Bethanechol “Urecholine” for treatment of GERD. This is known as what type of drug?

A. Proton-pump inhibitor

Heartburn Remedies Warnings (β˜‘ 23+ Home Remedies) | Heartburn Remedies Acid Refluxhow to Heartburn Remedies for B. Histamine the 1 last update 12 Jul 2020 receptor blockerB. Histamine receptor blocker

C. Prokinetic

D. Mucosal Healing Agent

8. Which of the following does NOT play a role in the development of GERD?

A. Pregnancy

B. Hiatal hernia

C. Usage of antihistamines or calcium channel blockers

D. All the above play a role in GERD

Answer Key:

1. A, B, D
2. C
3. B
4. A, B, D, E, G
5. D
6. A
7. C
8. D

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